Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are You On God's Facebook Page?

Since joining Facebook, my community of family and friends has expanded. It’s fun being a part of a group of people who respond when I comment, care about what I have to say, sympathize and pray when I need it, and rejoice over my accomplishments. The invention of Facebook has given us the ability to connect daily in a way we didn’t have before.

God created us for similar reasons. He wanted our companionship but didn’t want us to be puppets or robots. His nature is not so different from ours, huh? He wanted us to choose Him. Thus, He gave humans a free will. That’s the only way to ensure a genuine relationship. When we screwed up and corrupted the relationship, in his Holy way, God provided a way to mend that--the sacrifice of His son.

For those of us who claim that relationship, do we enthusiastically log onto God's page each day and comment about the wonderful things going on in our lives? Do we go to Him to share our sorrows? Or thank Him for our blessings? Ask Him for counsel instead of trying to fix something ourselves?

It’s easy for our prayers to become rote or to imagine God as a grandfatherly type who resides in the heavens. Worse yet, we often treat him like a drive-thru that we can hand over our debit card full of deeds and expect to pick up our solution at the window. In reality, God is our best friend. He’s the one we can tell anything to and receive comfort in return. I’d like to think He eagerly awaits my contact with Him each day.

Have you “confirmed” God's friend request? If so, do you leave comments (pray) each day to build your relationship? Maybe something like:

“Wow, neat sunset this evening,” or “Thanks for the hot water this morning in my shower,” or “Thank you for the rain after the drought,” or “Lord, I’m having this problem I need help with.”

The blessings you receive will enrich your life in unfathomable ways.


  1. I also like this comparison or analogy. SD

  2. I'm pretty good at thanking Him for all the neat things, sunsets, green lights on the way to work or home, but I'm pretty lousy at asking for guidance cause I'm thickheaded (as He well knows!) thanks Laura for making me look at the whole picture! your anonymous friend, BK :D

  3. Thanks everyone. I'm glad the analogy helped. BK, we're all thickheaded at times!

  4. Oh this is good!! If we all took the time He deserves everyday to "sign in" with Him, we wouldn't have time for Facebook! Hopped from Bless a Blogger!

    1. Thanks, Piper! I'm glad you returned this week to read more of my blog. God bless you.