Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life's Dark Hallways

Life's Hallways
“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” Mark Twain 
Have you ever been really afraid? I mean heart-pounding, palm-sweating, knee-shaking, throat-choking terror that engulfs you?
My parents live in a block ranch-style house in Florida. Like most homes built in the 1950s, it has a long hallway with bedrooms on one end and the living room and kitchen on the opposite end with the bathroom situated at the halfway point. 
At night, and especially during stormy weather if the power went out, that hallway loomed dark and sinister when I was a child. When I came out of the bathroom, I’d peek around the corner to make sure nothing was there to “get me.” Rarely did I feel confident there wasn’t, so I’d summon the courage to outrun “it.” As I streaked down the long hallway, my little feet barely made contact with the linoleum. My siblings made similar sprints. It didn’t help that my dad would casually remark, as a storm approached, he’d heard a news report about escaped convicts in the area. 
Funny, as an adult, that hallway doesn’t seem quite so long or foreboding to me. 
If we’re completely honest, we all have dark hallways and monsters we try to outrun. If we can reach a certain level of security, whether financial, physical, or emotional, we’ll cease to be afraid. Meanwhile, we sprint down the hallway before “it” gets us, and we survive until our next encounter with a dark hallway.
The United States is in the midst of a Presidential election. Some folks are scared of what will happen to our country if the incumbent is reelected. Others are equally scared of what will happen if his opponent is elected. 
Fear is everywhere. It’s consuming and debilitating. And yet, nothing is gained from it.

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3 KJV
The fallacy of applying our own strength to situations beyond our control is that we don’t leave room for God’s security. Before King David became king, perhaps he slept with one eye open and always looked over his shoulder. After all, a madman, King Saul, had a vested interest in David not becoming king. Ultimately, God’s strength and wisdom provided physical and spiritual protection for Israel’s future king.
What fear is paralyzing you today? Impending results from a medical test? Stepping into the unknown to walk a path God designed for you? Maybe something less life threatening like setting boundaries in an unhealthy relationship or standing up for yourself? Perhaps your fear stems from bitterness and chaos in which your soul resides. 
Whatever your dark hallway, I encourage you to reach for God’s comforting hand to guide you. Residing inside His will and leaning on His strength is the best security you’ll ever experience. 
If you have a prayer request, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me or share in the comments section so others can pray. Do you have a praise report? Share those, as well. The prayer list which normally appears here each week can be accessed now through its own individual page, as well as information on the soldier we’re praying for, at the top of this blog. Please take a moment to scroll through and lift each name up in prayer. 
Our worship song this week is “In Christ Alone” performed by Natalie Grant.

In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song
God bless,
 © Laura Hodges Poole


  1. Very encouraging.

    Four years ago I began to really pay attention to the world and politics. I've always been interested in politics, but not like this.

    Anyway at first I was overwhelmed, scared and almost depressed. It looked so hopeless. But then God kindly reminded me HE has everything under control. Nothing is a surprise to Him because He is the Great I AM!

    What a relief. Now I stay up to date with world events, but the fear doesn't touch me. I'm in God's hand.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, TC. Considering world events and our nation's condition, it's easy to become overwhelmed and fearful. You're right--we're in God's hand and as long as we reside there, we have nothing to fear. God bless you. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Powerful, Laura, and I relate to those childhood dashes in the dark. "It" was a lion under my bed, and I was so fast that it never got a nibble :)

    I've been spending a lot of time in the Psalms lately and noticing how confident David was in God's care.

    As a Canadian, I don't even have an individual vote in your election (although we did get an automated call soliciting our votes...). I'm still eligible to pray, though. Love what TC said about God's reminder that He has it all in His hand.

    1. I guess fears like that are common with children. Cute mental image with the lions, though :)

      The Psalms are a remarkable place to learn about the comfort and wisdom of God. I turn to them often.

      I love your comment about being eligible to pray! Thank you for praying for our nation. More than anything, we need spiritual revival. Many other problems could be solved, if we had that.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Janet.